Dehumidification with Lithium-Chlorid
Modular unit sizes   10.000 m³/h                 20.000 m³/h   40.000 m³/h Designed as     standard unit size     special design on demand Layout   on top of each other   parallel or   behind one another.     
Dehumidification compact unit with Lithium-Chlorid



    LITHERM-TEK minimises     the emission of CO² about     50 - 80 % in relation to a     conventional dew point      cooling/-dehumidification.     
Thermische Entfeuchtung Kompaktanlagen
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      all-season utilization of waste heat       regeneration for example on thermal power station,       waste heat, district heating, usual thermal heat, as       well as solar installation with 90°/70° C temperature.       cooling-water coolness requirement reduction about       80% in relation to a conventional dew point       cooling /-dehumidification             perfect to reach low humidity conditions as well as       adiabatic cooling  (exhaust air         supply air)       electrical power demand reduction of more than       80% in relation to a conventional dew point       cooling /-dehumidification        dust free and sterile supply air caused by airwashing
       Lithium-Chloride (LiCl) dehumidifications needs only        75% of the enthalpy difference in relation to a         conventional dew point cooling /-dehumidification

Economic efficiency  

    reduction of operating        costs about 50 -80% in     relation to a conventional     dew point cooling /     -dehumidification     short return of investment     (about. 2-5 years)     only 10-15% higher      investment costs in relation       to a conventional dew point     cooling/-dehumidification     significant lifetime     extension for thermal power     stations and district heating.     
Specific features

compact units for thermal dehumidification

developed for     upgrade and redevelopement of existing air-handling systems     expansion of new projected air-handling systems


to LITHERM -TEK, the innovative new developed compact system for thermal air dehumidification based on Lithium-Chloride
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