Energy costs saving between 50%-90% by usinge waste heat instead of electricity
Low operating costs compared to conventional dew point dehumidification /cooling
No risk of contaminiation compared to conventional dew point dehumidification/cooling. You receive sterilized exhaust air according  to VDI 6022
Utilization of waste heat enables significant energy savings by reaching higher workload of existing thermal power stations.
Low maintenance costs compared to conventional dew point dehumidification /cooling
High efficient dehumidification and cooling at the same time 90% less primary energy consumption compared with conventional dew point dehumidification/cooling
System benefits
Litherm-TEK is a well-engineered, high effective air / gas conditioning system. It operates by using low temperature (waste) heat to dehumidify + sterelize* + cool or alternative humidify + sterilize* + heat in one process. The air can also be  - purified     and   - odors will be removed. Litherm-TEK -  sustainable economic and ecological  German Technology. * Sterilize / degerm: The effect of the used spray-solution is  > antimicrobial  > antifungal  > antibacterial  > antiviral  > antiparasitic
Litherm-TEK Dehumidyfier


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